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Startling Facts

90% of the World’s Christians are amongst the 9% of the World’s population that speak English.

94% of the preachers minister to the 9% who speak English.

95% of all the Church finance given is used amongst the same 9%.

The 91% of the World’s population that is non-English speaking receives only 6% of the ordained preachers and only 5% of all the Church giving.

Less than 7% of those who graduate from Bible Colleges in Western countries ever leave their homeland.

It is also said that 95% of Nationals(Indians) who go to study in Western countries ever return to their home country to serve.

The Christian population in India is about 2.6% (including Catholics).

There are nearly 120 districts in India where the Christian population is less than 1,000.

Although much evangelistic work has been done in India, the result is microscopic with 2.6% (including Catholics).

If we are happy about 2.6%, what should be our sorrow for the 97.4% of people heading blindly towards eternal damnation? Unless our Good Lord tarries for another 25-40 years and all the Churches, Christian organizations and Missions in India amplify their efforts, it will be difficult to change the dismal situation.

The only solution is for more earnest prayer of God’s people and also a proportionately increased number of laborers to be thrust forth into India in order to gather the harvest that is plentiful.

Hence, it makes sense to support UCPM, an indigenous mission. Ministry is plentiful but resources are few. Follow the good advice of Oswald J.Smith---“if you can not go…send a substitute”.

Help us to reach the unreached. “You may give without loving; but you can’t love without giving”. .

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