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UCPM is a Christian charity registered under the Indian Trusts Act. UCPM is also registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act [known as FCRA] which is mandatory to be eligible for receiving international support.

Universal Church and Peace Ministries [UCPM] exists to understand and bear witness to the love of God to all people so that they may experience Godís love as revealed in His Son Jesus Christ [Yahshua ha Mashiach]. Among the tenets of Christian faith, UCPM lays much emphasis on the spiritual unity of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ [John 17:11, 21 & 22] who form the Body of Christ [also known as Universal Church].

UCPM is not related in any way to Universalists and Universal Religion.

UCPM is Undenominational. UCPM stands for Undenominational Christianity practiced in the first century which is not adulterated, corrupted and perverted by the traditions and innovations of men. Undenominational Christianity was sufficient then as well as now.

Please think carefully for a moment ! An average religious man would be perplexed if by some miracle he could be sent back twenty centuries amidst the early church and observe her work, worship, simplicity, purity, fervor and rapid growth without any ecclesiastical or denominational trappings.

Tragically, denominations are only serving a negative purpose, either confusing a person interested in becoming a follower of Lord Jesus Christ, or preventing him from becoming a follower.Denominationalism is not only unauthorized, but unnecessary because Christianity flourished in the first century without it !

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